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Bulk Upload and Export Pro

This feature is available in Locatoraid Pro.

Locatoraid provides a quick and easy way to manage store, dealer, restaurant and other types of locations in your Wordpress website. However, managing multiple store locations can be challenging, especially when it comes to updating your Wordpress locator database. Here comes the option to use CSV files as a method of organizing large amounts of data for your store finder database. This tool allows you to download and upload your wp locator entries in bulk, making it a much more efficient process.

Bulk Import

Perhaps you already have a large list of locations in an Excel or a CSV file. Or you find it comfortable to first enter your stores or dealers detail in an office suite then upload them to your Wordpress store locator. The bulk import function is perfectly suited for this. It lets you automatically thus quickly import your locations into Locatoraid Pro Wordpress plugin from a CSV file. No more manual entry of hundreds or even thousands of items.

Click Import menu to upload CSV file to Wordpress store locator

Locatoraid Pro package already includes a test CSV file to help you get started in no time. Just make a copy of this file and add on your own stores or other locations.

CSV store locator import form

Please make sure that you keep the first line of the file with predefined column name set. These are required for the correct work of the import function. The CSV import page in the admin panel will show you the required column names. These names are just self-explanatory like name for the location title, street1 is for the first line of the street address, and so on.

Which columns should present in the CSV file for Wordpress store locator import

So after you have uploaded the CSV file into Locatoraid Pro plugin, the import function will instantly add these locations to your Wordpress store locator database.

Multiple locations have been sucessfully imported from a CSV file


You can also export your current store locator database. It can be useful to maintain a backup of your location entries, including their latitude and longitude coordinates. Or you can use the export file to edit or append location records in an office application like MS Office, LibreOffice or other spreadsheet software. Later on you can use this CSV file to restore or update your store locator database.

Click Export to download your current Wordpress store locator database.

Click Export menu item to download your locations database

About Locatoraid

Lightweight, easy to use WordPress store locator plugin to help your customers find your stores, dealers, hotels, restaurants, ATMs, products, or any other types of locations. Get started with the free Locatoraid version and enjoy the beautiful add-ons of Locatoraid Pro.