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Netherlands postcode database

Make use of Locatoraid store locator internal database for post codes in the Netherlands to quickly find locations or stores near a specific zip code.

How geocoding works

Usually, when a website visitor enters their search string in our store locator search form, we catch this input and pass the search query to Google maps to initiate a process known as geocoding. It means that if a website visitor asks for something like 123 Sunshine Drive, we get this string, pass it to Google maps geocoding engine and wait when the geocoding function returns the coordinates of this place. After getting back the coordinates of the place, we can then look through our locations database to display those that are close to the visitor.

This is a very convenient and flexible functionality. Google maps knows almost every address on Earth so we can be absolutely sure that we'll be able to find the coordinates of the place that the visitor enters. Although, everything comes at a price. With Google maps it's literally true because every geocoding request to Google maps is counted and if you exceed a certain free monthly limit, you will be charged for each use of the geocoding engine.

Adding postcode database

On the other hand, website visitors and clients often search for a common address information, such as zip code, or postal code, or postcode. These names mean the same thing, just in various countries a zip code is called differently. Sure Google maps knows about the coordinates of every postcode in the Netherlands, but anyway each time a visitor enters a postcode to search for, we ask the Google maps engine to give us the coordinates of the postcode. So we decided to simplify, speed up and make it less expensive: we introduce the Netherlands postcode database in Locatoraid. The full postcode database is included with the plugin code so you can either enable or disable it.

Enable Netherlands postcode database

So how it works now. When in our Wordpress store locator search form a client enters a postcode in the Netherlands, for example 1334 or 1600, we instantly find its coordinates in our postcode database. As we have the coordinates, we can now proceed to search for suitable locations in the store list. It turns out to work both faster as don't need to do an additional network request to the maps' geocoding engine, and cheaper as we don't call the geocoding function. Sure if a customer enters something that we can't find in our postcode database, we still pass this request to Google maps and wait for the respose, so it works as before.

About Locatoraid

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