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Google Maps API Pricing

Locatoraid store locator plugin makes use of Google Maps Platform and the Google Maps Platform requires the usage of API keys and an active billing account. All Google Maps Platform APIs now require a valid API key that should be sent with all requests.

Google Maps Platform usage requires an API key

With an API key, which is a unique string, Google Maps is able to determine who is requesting access to the platform and verify that the party requesting the access has sufficient permissions to carry out the task. The API key also tells Google which project the requested usage should be billed to. Here comes the interesting part: Google Maps Platform API billing. This pay-as-you-go pricing model was introduced a few years back.

So as we said earlier, you’ll need a valid API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account to access all Google Maps APIs. Once you enable billing, you will automatically receive $200 of free monthly usage of all services within the maps platform. Please note that if you do not create an account, or do not provide Google with your billing details, all requests to the various Google Maps Platform APIs will return an error. On your page with the store locator form you will get a map with a watermark like Oops! Something went wrong.

How much does it cost?

Google provides free $200 usage every month for no charge. That's simple 28,500 map loads per month for no charge. But it also depends on the usage of specific APIs within Google Maps Platform, for example Geocoding API that the Wordpress store locator needs to decode user input into geographical coordinates.

This free monthly credit is usually sufficient for normal usage of many WordPress websites with a store or dealer locator page. If you exceed this free limit with your total sum of all Google Maps Platform services, your credit card will be charged automatically. To get a better estimate of what you are going to pay, please refer to the Google Maps Platform pricing calculator.

Discount options?

Several kinds of nonprofit charitable organizations, as well as community organizations, neighborhood councils, religious organizations, or some other, may apply for a Google for Nonprofits account. Please note that the eligibility requirements depend on the country of your organization registration, so please refer to the Google for Nonprofits website for further information.

The map is still not working?

If you have created an API key and enabled billing, but the map is still showing a watermark label like Oops! Something went wrong?

Please open up the JavaScript console of the browser (press Ctl+Shift+J in Chrome or Ctl+Shift+K in Firefox). You should be able to see some more detailed error description, which may include:

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