WordPress Store Locator Plugin


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How to make the plugin search in Canada/Australia/Germany/Finland etc?


For example, all of your locations are in Australia, but when one searches for a somewhat generic address like "Hillsborough" or something, the map search service finds this in the United States. Or you run a locator of Finland shoe stores and when entering then 33100 postcode, the map guides you to France?


Use the search-bias-country shortcode parameter, it will adjust the map service to prefer results in the given country.

[locatoraid search-bias-country="Finland"]

How to make the font size in search results bigger or smaller?

Go to WordPress admin, Appearance, Customize, then click Additional CSS, and paste the following code (change the font-size value if needed):

#locatoraid-map-list-container { font-size: 0.9em; }