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Dealer locator for business

A dealer locator (or dealer finder) is a website page that allows your current or potential customers to find physical outlets such as stores or dealerships where they can buy your products. Physical locations are ideal for conducting other business activities like product marketing, customer interaction, selling additional services, or providing support and repairs for your products. So having a dealer locator page is crucial in helping users locate any real-world locations related to your business that people may need to visit.

But, nowadays, with the abundance of 3rd-party tools such as Google Maps or Bing Maps, numerous users turn to them for location-related queries rather than using the company’s website. With this reliance on external mapping tools, do you still need a dealer locator on your website? The answer is yes! There are multiple reasons why you should have a dealer locator page on your website:

How to add a dealer locator to your site?

Developing a website and adding new features to it can be pretty complex. Although, if you already run your business website with WordPress, you are lucky. With a dealer locator plugin like Locatoraid, it's easy to add a dealer locator page to your WordPress-powered website. Lightweight, easy-to-use WordPress dealer finder plugin lets you create a locator page in no time. Help your customers and partners find your dealerships, service centers, repair shops, or any other types of locations affiliated with your business. Just add your dealer addresses, and all your dealerships are on the map on your own website waiting for your customers!