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Change Google Maps Color

The default color scheme of Google Maps is pleasant to the eye and looks good overall. There is a problem though: the same color scheme is being used on millions of websites. In this modern era, with increasingly tight competition, a well-designed custom color scheme for the store locator map will certainly help businesses attract new customers, boost brand recognition, and overall improve user experience for such an important piece of a business' online presence as an online store finder page. Thanks to a very quick and simple way of customizing the map color in Locatoraid you can easily stand out with your store locator page in minutes.

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Change map color with Google Maps Styler legacy JSON styling wizard

You can apply a different color setting to your locator map with Google Maps Styler JSON code.

Choose color themes from map style websites

Using Google Maps Styler is quick and easy. But it features quite a limited set of map color options. If you need something more colorful than that 5-6 map color themes, luckily there are quite a few websites that let us choose from dozens of map color themes. One of such sites is Snazzy Maps with a great selection of custom colors to apply to your store locator map.

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