Frontend Shortcode Parameters

You can add the Locatoraid front end to any post or page with the shortcode:


There are a number of available shortcode parameters that can be used to configure the front end view. You can always view the actual options when you click the Publish menu in your Locatoraid admin area.

  • layout

  • Defines the front end view layout.
  • Default: "map|list"
      • map
      • Displays the map.
      • list
      • Displays the list of locations.
    • You can combine the map and the list together with either | or /. The | options means the map and the list will be placed horizontally side by side, the / option will render them vertically stacked one after one.
    • [locatoraid layout="map|list"]
    • [locatoraid layout="list|map"]
    • [locatoraid layout="map/list"]
    • [locatoraid layout="map"]
  • where-*

  • These parameters lets you filter out the locations that are displayed on this page. Possible options include: country, state, city.
  • [locatoraid where-state="TX"]
  • [locatoraid where-country="Canada"]
  • start

    • Provides a default search string.
    • Default: ""
    • [locatoraid start="Wilmington, DE"]
  • limit

    • Limits the number of returned search results.
    • Default: 100
    • [locatoraid limit="50"]
  • group

    • Group the returned search results.
    • Possible options: country, state, city, zip
    • [locatoraid group="state"]
  • sort

    • Sort the returned search results.
    • Default: none
    • Possible options: name, name-reverse.
    • If no option is given, the results are sorted by distance to the address that was searched for.
    • [locatoraid sort="name"]
  • map-style

    Since 3.0.7
    • Define the "style" HTML attribute for the map.
    • Default: "height: 400px; width: 100%;"
    • [locatoraid map-style="height: 20em; width: 100%;"]
  • list-style

    Since 3.0.7
    • Define the "style" HTML attribute for the results list.
    • Default: "height: 400px; overflow-y: scroll;"
    • [locatoraid list-style="height: auto;"]

Additional Settings

Our plugin provides a variety of configuration options. Go to Settings to fine tune your system. You can define your address format, CSV delimiter for import and export operations, front view templates, and more options.

Latest update: Version 3.1.2

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