We strive to make Locatoraid as close to your needs as possible. That is why we release new updates on regular basis to provide you with a dependable online store locator plugin at a reasonable cost. We develop zip code and store locator online solutions since 2009, and Locatoraid is a descendant of Lookup Runner product. Taking the experience to a new level!

  • Version 3.0.5

    Tue, 25 Apr 2017

    Now it allows to enter "none" as the Google Maps API key if you don't need it for any reason.

    Minor code updates.

  • Version 3.0.4

    Thu, 20 Apr 2017

    Now it allows to use duplicated locations names.

    Minor code updates.

  • Version 3.0.3

    Tue, 11 Apr 2017

    BUG: the language translation files were not loaded correctly.

  • Version 3.0.2

    Mon, 10 Apr 2017

    Make the map and the results list start hidden if no default search is given.

    Minor code updates.

  • Version 3.0.1

    Thu, 6 Apr 2017

    BUG: fixed a fatal database error for new installs.

  • Version 3.0.0

    Tue, 4 Apr 2017

    A major update of Locatoraid with effective minimal design, quick framework core code. Safe, stable, and extendable.

  • Version 2.7.6

    Tue, 7 Mar 2017

    Fixed the unnecessary slashes appearing.

  • Version 2.7.5

    Fri, 17 Feb 2017

    Added the reverse alphabetically sort option.

    A few code updates and fixes.

  • Version 2.7.4

    Wed, 25 Jan 2017

    Removed potentially vulnerable own copy of PHPMailer library.

  • Version 2.7.3

    Thu, 19 Jan 2017

    Added shortcode parameter for the default country option.

    Added a dependency on jQuery for our scripts as it may be required for some WordPress configurations.

  • Version 2.7.2

    Tue, 20 Sep 2016

    BUG: the admin Install menu produced an error.

  • Version 2.7.1

    Mon, 19 Sep 2016

    Minor code updates.

  • Version 2.7.0

    Thu, 28 Jul 2016

    Added a setting if the street address for locations is required. If not, then you can leave just the city.

  • Version 2.6.8

    Thu, 21 Jul 2016

    Added an option to enter Google Maps API key that may be required for newer sites for the maps to work correctly.

    A few minor code tweaks and fixes.

  • Version 2.6.7

    Fri, 20 May 2016

    BUG: 404 error after certain WordPress search results

    Switched database engine to mysqli if it's available for compatibility with PHP 7

  • Version 2.6.6

    Sun, 15 May 2016

    BUG: Google maps API infobox file URL fix

  • Version 2.6.5

    Thu, 18 Feb 2016

    BUG: the location search may have failed after settings update

  • Version 2.6.4

    Wed, 17 Feb 2016

    BUG: featured locations were not visually highlighted in the front end

    Added an option to sort locations by misc10 field [Pro]

    Minor code fixes

  • Version 2.6.3

    Sat, 5 Dec 2015

    Modified a bit the front end search form for a nicer view both in desktop and mobile.

  • Version 2.6.2

    Sat, 5 Dec 2015

    Added an option to set number of locations per page in the admin area.

  • Version 2.6.1

    Fri, 4 Dec 2015

    Allow longer entries for the website field (up to 300 characters), it was limited to 100 characters.

  • Version 2.6.0

    Tue, 1 Dec 2015

    BUG: Small fix for the stats module to prevent SQL error under some configurations.

    Modified a bit the admin edit location form to allow a bit more space for text inputs.

    Modified a bit the front end search form for a nicer view.

    Added a setting to open directions in a new window.

    Added an option for the admin to manually enter geo coordinates for a location.

  • Version 2.5.8

    Fri, 25 Sep 2015

    BUG: the address field format configuration was reset after updating the core settings.

  • Version 2.5.7

    Wed, 23 Sep 2015

    Added address display format configuration to match your regional preferences.

    BUG: directions link not working from the map after the infobox appeared after clicking on the locations list.

  • Version 2.5.6

    Tue, 22 Sep 2015

    Added options for labels before the search field and the radius selection.

  • Version 2.5.5

    Wed, 12 Aug 2015

    Added an option to configure which fields to show in the search results list and on the map.

  • Version 2.5.4

    Thu, 23 Jul 2015

    BUG: "Always Shown" locations were not really always displayed.

  • Version 2.5.3

    Mon, 22 Jun 2015

    BUG: If the matched locations title was set to blank, it still showed in the frontend.

    BUG: The matched locations count was wrong if the output group by option was set.

    Added an option to translate the Directions link label.

    Moved all localization/customization options for the front end together in the settings form.

  • Version 2.5.2

    Thu, 18 Jun 2015

    Pro Version: Skip locations with empty name and street address in the locations import file.

    Pro Version: BUG: If the locations import file contained special characters like umlauts then they were skipped.

  • Version 2.5.1

    Fri, 5 Jun 2015

    Added a setting to show the matched locations count in the front end.

    Skip empty lines in the locations import file.

  • Version 2.5.0

    Sun, 10 May 2015

    Added a setting to disable the scroll wheel in the map, it is useful when you don't want to automatically zoom the map when scrolling the page.

  • Version 2.4.9

    Fri, 1 May 2015

    The Pro version now can have up to 10 misc fields.

  • Version 2.4.8

    Mon, 20 Apr 2015

    A small fix to allow just "//" URLs, without protocol.

  • Version 2.4.7

    Tue, 14 Apr 2015

    A new option to group locations output by zip/postal code.

  • Version 2.4.5

    Thu, 29 Jan 2015

    A fix for the error in the print view for some search strings.

  • Version 2.4.4

    Thu, 22 Jan 2015

    Modified JavaScript to avoid conflicts with some themes.

  • Version 2.4.3

    Tue, 20 Jan 2015

    Print view link in the front end.

  • Version 2.4.2

    Fri, 16 Jan 2015

    A new option to group locations output by country and by country then by city. It becomes active when countries are entered for your locations.

  • Version 2.4.1

    Sat, 10 Jan 2015

    When using products, now it searches for the exact product name. Before it might give wrong results because it searched for ANY word from the product name. For example, if you had two products "Dark Beer" and "Lager Beer", and searched for "Dark Beer", it also returned records with "Lager Beer" only because it contained the word "Beer".

    Product names are now sorted in alphabetical order.

  • Version 2.4.0

    Wed, 17 Dec 2014

    Now it can recognize shortcode options. Currently there are 2: "search" for the search address, and "search2" for the product option if you have any. For example: [locatoraid search2="Pizza"]

  • Version 2.3.9

    Sat, 13 Dec 2014

    Added options to configure all other labels in the front end search form so now it can be easily translated into any language.

  • Version 2.3.8

    Thu, 4 Dec 2014

    Added an option to configure the search form label: the "Address or zip code" text.

  • Version 2.3.7

    Thu, 27 Nov 2014

    Loading Google maps JavaScript libraries with "//" rather than "http://" that will fix the error on https websites.

  • Version 2.3.6

    Mon, 10 Nov 2014

    Fixed the empty label for website address in the admin panel.

  • Version 2.3.5

    Thu, 30 Oct 2014

    Fixed compatibility issue with AutoChimp plugin

    Modified the CSV import code that may have failed then loading UTF-8 encoded CSV files (applies to the Pro version).

  • Version 2.3.4

    Mon, 27 Oct 2014

    Added a dropdown input to choose a country if you have locations in several countries

    Added a configuration for the location website label. If no label is given then the location's website URL is displayed. Applies to the Pro version.

    BUG: fatal error when Locatoraid front end was appeared on a post in the blog posts list rather on a page of its own.

  • Version 2.3.3

    Fri, 17 Oct 2014

    A fix for front end view for sites that implement page caching for example WPEngine

  • Version 2.3.2

    Mon, 13 Oct 2014

    BUG: when submitting the search by hitting the Enter button rather than a click, the auto-detect location input was appearing.

  • Version 2.3.1

    Mon, 6 Oct 2014

    Added an option to hide the user autodetect button.

    Added an option to view locations in alphabetical order (in Settings > Group Output).

    BUG: the admin area in multi site installation was redirecting to the default site.

    Added the data-id attribute in the location wrapping div (.lpr-location) in the front-end for a possible developer use.

  • Version 2.3.0

    Thu, 18 Sep 2014

    Admin panel restyled for a closer match to the latest WordPress version.

    Front end JavaScript placed in a separate file to optimize loading.

    Cleaned and optimized many files thus greatly reducing the package size.

    The Pro version now features automatic updates option too.

  • Version 2.2.2

    Tue, 16 Sep 2014

    Redesigned the front end search form a little

    Minor updates and fixes

  • Version 2.2.1

    Wed, 27 Aug 2014

    Fixed a bug if you are using several instances (like locatoraid2.php and [locatoraid2] shortcode), it was showing the first instance for all the shortcodes.

    Added a wrapping CSS classes for location view in front end like .lpr-location-distance, .lpr-location-address, .lpr-location-name so you can design these elements in some custom ways.

  • Version 2.2.0

    Tue, 12 Aug 2014

    Added an option to set a limit on the number of locations that are shown following a search. For example, even though there may be 10 locations near AB10 C78, the locator plugin shows 3.

  • Version 2.1.9

    Wed, 6 Aug 2014

    Added the search widget for sidebar.

  • Version 2.1.8

    Thu, 17 Jul 2014

    Making the plugin admin area accessible by only Editors or higher

  • Version 2.1.7

    Tue, 8 Jul 2014

    A small fix in the front end view when both append search and start with all locations listing options were enabled.

  • Version 2.1.6

    Fri, 4 Jul 2014

    jQuery live() deprecated calls replaced with up to date equivalents

  • Version 2.1.5

    Thu, 3 Jul 2014
    • When using auto search (auto detecting the current location), and switching the distance or the product selection, the search results were reverted back to the default search rather than current location.
    • Language file fix (header error)
  • Version 2.1.3

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014
    • Error in nearest location count when prompting a next radius search
    • Failed shortcode with some WP configurations
  • Version 2.1.2

    Thu, 6 Feb 2014 Locatoraid can be displayed in your native language.
  • Version 2.1.1

    Wed, 15 Jan 2014 We have made Locatoraid use the built-in WordPress version of JQuery that makes it load faster and the plugin distrib zip file becomes smaller.
  • Version 2.1.0

    Mon, 13 Jan 2014 A new major update of Locatoraid, a WordPress store locator, dealer locator, zip code locator plugin for any business that needs to let customers search online for their stores, dealers, hotels, restaurants, ATMs, products, locations, etc.

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